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    Unreal Development Kit October 2011 Beta
    09.11.2011, 05:42

    Октябрьская Beta версия редактора UDK с помощью которого можно создавать игры, оружие, технику и т.п. на движке Unreal engine 3!

    UDK (Unreal Development Kit) стал доступен для бесплатного скачивания и опять же бесплатного использования для некоммерческих целей.

    UDK включает различные инструменты разработки (например UnrealEd), пакет лицевой анимации, редактор растительности и пр.

    October 2011 UDK Beta Upgrade Notes


    • God rays and shadows support added on iOS

      UDK Games on Mac

    • Facebook
      • Added dialog support for creating wall posts
      • Added friends list download support
      • Added support to request additional permissions from a user
    • Input changes
      • Added support for tilt/touch outside of MobilePlayerInput, moved support up to Input/PlayerInput (MobileInputZone handling is still in MobilePlayerInput)
      • Added Kismet events for generic key/axis input (for key presses and mouse/tilt)
      • Added a new Kismet event for touch handling
      • SeqEvent_MobileMotion/MobileRawInput still work, but they are now marked with [Old]
      • Added aTouch and aBackTouch axes to PlayerInput.uc, so script code can get touch events easily

    Foliage Settings Paint Tool

    • Added a new paint tool for applying settings to foliage quickly and easily!
    • The following foliage settings can be painted:
      • Slope alignment, randomized angle and scale settings
      • Cull instances based new on slope, height or landscape layer criteria
      • Minimum radius between foliage instances
      • General density of foliage instances (add new foliage, or thin out areas)

    New Unreal Landscape and Foliage Features

    • Paint tool: Added feature to paint layer weights to a certain fixed weight amount, with stroke history to handle falloff for overlapping strokes
    • Flatten tool: Changed behavior for painting layers to be the same as when painting heights
    • Noise tool: Added painting to a specified noise value and scale
    • LandscapeLayerBlend node now supports order-independent height-based blends between layers
    • Added dialog to the move-to-level tool to allow the user to move shared resources (material, layers) out of the persistent level into a shared package
    • Prevented painting on landscapes in locked and hidden levels
    • Component tool now considers brush size
    • Added a landscape info panel to UI, with component count, size, etc.

    Other Improvements

    • Unreal Editor
      • Matinee recorder now works in DX11 mode
      • Static mesh LOD now works on InstancedStaticMeshComponents used for foliage
      • Unreal Kismet: Added a debugger callstack window
      • Added hotkeys Ctrl+G for grouping, Shift+G for ungrouping and Ctrl+Shift+G for group mode toggle
      • Added options in the Tools menu to Lock/Unlock read-only levels so they can't accidentally be modified
      • Node connections can now be moved from node to node or connector to connector by dragging a connection between to 'like' (input/input or output/output) connectors in the Material Editor
      • "Copy TranslationBoneNames to Selected AnimSet" now copies to all the selected animsets, not just the first one selected
      • Added new confirmation prompt when placing Actors into hidden levels
      • Objects added to Layers now have their visibility updated immediately
    • FBX
      • Fixed morph targets not importing when using "T0 as Ref Pose" option
      • Fixed Matinee cameras importing with wrong orientation
      • BSP surfaces can now be selectively exported
      • Added subtractive brush export support
    • Particles
      • Added a new option to ribbon particle emitters that, when enabled, will spawn a particle as soon as the emitter begins to move
      • Added MacroUV override to the particle emitter's Required Module so that it can now be applied on a per emitter basis
    • Misc
      • Settings are now saved in UnrealFrontend any time a setting is changed
      • Flurry analytics implementation for game stats added
      • Audio feature: Ability to add EQ presets to a Volume similar to the Reverb Volumes Paint tool

    New and Updated UDN Pages

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